What Can You Earn As A Chat Operator?

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How To Calculate Your Hourly Wage As A Chat Operator?

Our calculator consists of a few simple fields. The first is the rate per message. With this slider you set the amount that you currently earn for every chat you answer.

The second slider is the average number of messages you can process in an hour. Of course 60 messages per hour equals 1 per minute on average. Some operators are below that, some are quicker. Also take into account that any breaks you might take, will reduce the amount of messages you can reply to in an hour.

With only these 2 numbers, you can calculate an average hourly salary.

But what if there is a bonus? Then check the box and specify how high the bonus is. This will reflect in your calculated average hourly rate.

Want to calculate what you can earn per week? Then simply check the box and specify the amount of hours that you want to work. You should see a weekly salary popping up as well.

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How Are Chat Operators Paid?

If you are looking to pick up a job as a chat operator, one of the most crucial things is the salary. Different chat companies offer different wages and use multiple ways to calculate what you can earn as a chat operator. Some have a set salary per hour, but others use a flat fee per message handled.

We compensate our workers per message. When you start working, your rates will most likely start off low. The quality of your messages is still being determined.

Over time, if you produce good quality messages and answer a lot of them every week, eventually you may enter another rate level. This will earn you a higher rate per message than before.

The Benefits Of Knowing Your Pay

The chat industry is booming and there are many opportunities to make money as a chat operator. The calculator above can help determine how much you might earn per hour depending on how fast of a typist you are and if there are bonuses involved (or not).

If you are already working for us, this calculator can help you determine how much messages or time you still have to work to get to your desired earnings.

When you are currently not working as a chat operator, finding out about compensation rates early on saves everyone disappointment and time later in the process!